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Make Your Website Adaptable to All Devices

Responsive Web Development

Responsive website design isn’t a trend anymore, it's an unquestionable requirement. It’s ideal for devices that switch from portrait orientation to landscape in an instant or for when users switch from a large computer or laptop screen to an iPad. Responsive web design has been trending in the IT industry since 2013. This is mainly because of the growth of the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. Majority of the people are looking for such web pages which can be easily viewed on smaller-screen devices. At website development company StarTele Logic, our professional team members are well versed with the use of responsive web development. We have well-trained individuals ensure better stability and functionality to your business.

Benefits of Using Responsive Web Development:

  • The primary function of using responsive web development is to develop one such website which possesses several elements which respond in a different manner on devices having screens of different sizes.

  • As far as the traditional websites are concerned, they can only be viewed on the desktop screens and then the website shows three columns.

  • If the same website is viewed on a smartphone, then you might be forced to horizontally scroll through the website, which a majority of the customers dislike. In other cases, the elements of the website get hidden when it is viewed on a smaller screen.

  • This further gets complicated by the fact that the tablets feature the option of portrait orientation which can be turned sideways to facilitate the landscape view. With the help of responsive web development, the websites can be easily viewed even on small screen phones without being broken into the horizontal mode.

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It is one of the most popular CMS (content management systems). WordPress is extremely easy to use and has an extensive range of plugins. Our developers have built many websites and blog sites using WordPress. We provide development, template installations & customization, design, plugin development & installations, support, training, hosting and security consultancy in all versions of WordPress.


Magento is an open-source the world’s #1 eCommerce platform. Our team of Magento developers creates high-quality eCommerce stores with high maintenance and support. Our Magento developers are highly experienced with deep knowledge of the platform and can provide a quick solution, update, and real-time issue resolution using Magento as their platform within the shortest time span..


Drupal is a free and open-source content management framework written in PHP and has the ability to publish a single website in many different languages across many devices. Its vibrant features are being used to create government websites, social networking platforms, enterprise applications, blogs, education institutions and NGO’s, etc. We provide the perfect website development solutions based on a comprehensive evaluation of your business and IT requirements.


It is an award-winning open source content management system (CMS) and the second most popular CMS solution after WordPress. Joomla has more than 8000 extensions. StarTele Logic is genuine Joomla web designers and has worked extensively with the platform since 2011. We are offering website development, design, support, training, hosting and security consultancy in all versions of Joomla through our expert in house team.

Our Team of Experts Builds Intelligent Websites.

We at StarTele Logic aim towards the development of such powerful, one-of-a-kind, customer-friendly website which are made with an intention to meet the unique demands of the clients and customers. Our skilled professionals are well versed with the knowledge about the working of the business and accordingly deliver successful website solutions which pace-up to match the accord of all the specified requirements as provided by the customers while invariably staying within time and budget limits.

Industry Profile of StarTele Logic:

  • We have been in the industry for over eight years now, and since then we have been successfully able to create such deep insights into the picture of the demands and requirements of the market and with this knowledge we provide a highly professional approach towards any problem and readily deal with it.

  • Our primary aim is to provide our customers’ requirements in a more precise way, a manner which they wouldn’t encounter with any other company.

  • We have already finished numerous enterprise software projects and thus we can easily ensure that our business automation will be received well by the people in the market and the customers.

  • We are having an experience in the field of healthcare, banking, financial services, retail industry, telecommunication, media, and the entertainment industry. A vast experience is mandatory to be there in the industry.

Why Should Hire us for Website Development Services?

At StarTele Logic, our professional specialists carefully analyze your demands, needs, and requirements and accordingly help you to create such an amazing website which meets yours and the markets’ requirements specification. Our team members rightfully prioritize competence over speed. Accordingly, they always deliver the product in budget and on schedule. Our specialists are only certified experts and talented developers and they possess years of experience and technology along with the proper knowledge about the industry.

Our Engagement Models

StarTele Logic offers highly flexible and customized engagement models to ensure the success and growth of the businesses. Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer and transparency throughout our engagement with each project. Depending on the nature of the client’s needs, we would recommend the most appropriate engagement model for our clients.

You are welcome to either select a model from the mentioned below or suggest your own.

  •   Hire a Dedicated Team
  •   Fixed Price Model
  •   Time Material Model
  •   BOT(Build-Operate-Transfer) Model

Process We Follow

Presentation of the process, detailing the progression of each phase until release.




Analyze clients' requirement, perspectives, plan layout and design the structure of the software.


Consolidation of architecture view or building blocks, identification of components and database design.




We plan detailed wireframes and functional specifications, clickable prototype, and user/owner feedback.

Design Sprint

We use Design Sprints to validate your ideas. The similar process as Google uses to validate their products.



Code Sprint

We use this process to determine the best technology stack and infrastructure for developing your product.


Your digital product needs a correct implementation. We offer the custom implementation for your products.

Case Study


Audio, Video

TrillUp is a communication platform where you can chat, talk, collaborate, share, group calling...


Cloud Telephony

Telemo is a cloud communication product that has been built in-house by our experienced telephony engineers.

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