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Carrier Billing as a Service is an online payment solution for mobile carriers that deducts the payment from the mobile bill. If people are hesitant to put out their credit card information, micropayments are commonly used in established markets to reduce abandonment and increase conversions. Designed primarily for digital services to optimize and maximize charge and billing capacity, as well as integrate with a variety of digital service providers.

The direct carrier billing technology from startelelogic connects digital businesses to telecom billing, authentication, and data analytics. We help operators become relevant in the connected world by integrating them into the digital value chain. Increasing revenue while boosting customer satisfaction by safeguarding the identities and payments of their users.

Solutions for Businesses


Recurring and one-time products

startelelogic offers customized solutions to support the transactional needs of businesses and organizations by offering an amalgamation of a recurring and one-time purchase of products and services to drive growth.

  • Billing Flexibility
  • Invoice Operations
  • Contract Management

Billing Solutions

startelelogic provides this one-stop solution to facilitate mobility across departments and simplify the complex billing and invoicing mechanism to automate billing and invoicing processes.

  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Automate recurring billing

eCommerce and Marketplace

Simplify and streamline eCommerce and marketplaces with transactional support to deliver custom and subscription-based solutions to accelerate growth and gain better visibility for enhanced user experience.

  • One-click payment
  • Localize the checkout
  • Dynamic Mobile Billing.

OTT platforms

The laws of several countries mandate that end customers must be refunded within a few hours when not happy with a digital goods purchase. There is no way to resolve such dissatisfied customers and track these transactions. startelelogic's direct billing solution ensures a superior and secure end-user experience by sharing the revenue from the service.

  • Hassle-free checkouts
  • Adaptable pricing and billing frequencies
  • End-to-end secure and seamless payments

The startelelogic Advantage

Greater Security

Making payments with Carrier Billing as a Service is secure.

Customized Solution

We offer customized Carrier Billing as a Service solution catered to your business needs.

Financial Inclusion

For digital merchants wishing to expand into new regions where a major section of the population is unbanked, Direct Carrier Billing is the best solution.

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We outline the capabilities of future solutions, offer advice on how to integrate them into your healthcare services, and connect them with IT and business goals.


In agile iterations, we create, test, and execute healthcare solutions based on high-level or specific requirements that support better outcomes.


We keep track of the solutions and their performance, find and solve bugs, perform preventative maintenance, validate security, administer the applications, and add new features, among other things.



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