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With the evolution of technology, the dynamics of education, particularly the relationship between teachers and students have changed a lot. The advent of digital technologies, the expansion of mobile devices, and the emergence of a robust and constantly connected infrastructure are driving changes in the learning ecosystem. As educators begin to rethink the learning experience for students, technology is poised to play a key role in reshaping academic environments to support this evolution. Learners develop a lifelong love of learning when technology is successfully integrated into classrooms.

We, at startelelogic, assist in disrupting the education business domain with full force and gaining competitive advantages, from adopting remote learning models to constructing distinctive as well as synchronous and asynchronous learning infrastructures. Our deep domain knowledge in using cutting-edge technology helps Universities, Education, and E-Learning organizations build online learning platforms, improve assessment processes, and decrease administration and communication difficulties.

Our customized services across the Education


Learning Management System (Asynchronous)

startelelogic offers a custom-made learning management system that streamlines the performance review process, enabling real-time feedback, improvement cycle, and performance indicators.


Remote Learning Solutions

startelelogic assists education institutions and ed-tech businesses by providing them with personalized and holistic content management systems. These include online video calling applications, digital content repositories, as well as a learning assessment center.


Analytics & Dashboarding

startelelogic helps education institutions and organizations to unify the various data sources to develop education analytics solutions that work as a key force in driving actionable insights and tangible outcomes from data.


Virtual Classroom Solutions (Synchronous VCR) - Live classes

startelelogic's virtual classroom solution offers classroom experiences in augmented reality/ virtual reality/ mixed reality. Our approach entails making education services accessible to learners over the web and mobile devices by utilizing video conferencing solutions, chat support, whiteboards, and other interactive features for an engaging experience.


Interactive Learning Solutions

startelelogic enables education providers and companies to deliver advanced conversational solutions that deliver human-like experiences to students. These solutions help learners pursue result-oriented conversations that lead to complete satisfaction.


Student Information & Management System

startelelogic's experts support the seamless integration of learning management systems with SIS (Student Information System) in real-time which helps in organizing, managing, and retrieving all sorts of the student data through a centralized platform.


On-Demand Learning Applications

startelelogic provides educational institutions with on-demand learning apps that allow them to reach and connect with every individual student in a more personalized manner and make learning more accessible for students in a more differentiated manner.


Online Proctoring Solutions

startelelogic's online proctoring solutions utilize artificial intelligence to monitor suspicious activities and examinees’ behavior enabling education businesses to keep the trust and integrity of all high- and low-stake examinations intact.


Integrated Library System

startelelogic helps educational institutions seamlessly manage the disparate library tasks and functions, right from procurement, and cataloging to distribution to build robust library management systems that automate the workflow in a library and facilitate complete resource optimization.


Laboratory Simulation System

startelelogic assists education providers and ed-tech startups with platforms to publish and showcase interactive content such as laboratory simulations that help students visualize concepts and develop a deeper understanding.

Shape learning Solutions With startelelogic as your Technology Partner

We assist in the development of bespoke eLearning and educational software solutions by curating digital tools and bridging the digital divide, as well as the implementation of collaborative, iterative learning methodologies that boost creativity and help obtain competitive advantages.

Our Key Differentiators

Industry recognition

startelelogic has been named one of the Top mobile app companies since 2011. Both Clutch & GoodFirms have recognized it as a top mobile app development company in India.

Interactive and Engaging

We create custom education apps that include gamification, social learning, hybrid learning, and interactivities that keep the learner engaged.

Real-time interaction

Through database connection and cloud services, our in-house dedicated team of engineers provides a platform for teachers, students, and community members to stay connected 24/7. The education technology apps include an online pool of resources that everyone in the system can access based on real-time availability and need.

Agile development strategy

High-speed project delivery with regular communication across all stakeholders and extensive training and support documentation.

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Service Model


We outline the capabilities of future solutions, offer advice on how to integrate them into your healthcare services, and connect them with IT and business goals.


In agile iterations, we create, test, and execute healthcare solutions based on high-level or specific requirements that support better outcomes.


We keep track of the solutions and their performance, find and solve bugs, perform preventative maintenance, validate security, administer the applications, and add new features, among other things.



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