Using digital technology and automated processes to optimize gas and oil assets for faster transformation.

The oil and gas sector is undergoing a digital revolution in order to exploit new onshore and offshore oil and gas assets, as well as streamline existing extraction, refining, and distribution processes. Exploration, production, refining, and marketing processes and systems in the Oil & Gas business are highly complex, capital-intensive, and require cutting-edge technology. This industry is relinquishing its previous image and becoming a significant adopter of the Internet of Things, data analytics, and other digital technologies.

This sector has been under a lot of pressure to adapt to rapid technological advancements and expand productivity while keeping costs low, especially with the worldwide drive to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. startelelogic helps you with custom IT solutions for improved oil and gas exploration, production processes, and data-driven decision-making, including in real-time.

Customized services across the Oil and Gas Industry


Supplier Management

startelelogic assists businesses with tailored IT solutions for enhanced oil and gas supplier management and production processes that enable data-driven decision-making and improve system efficiency.


Remote Operations Center

startelelogic's customized remote operations solutions provide remote operator access to essential on-site HMI monitoring and control functions that help in ensuring the safety of workers without compromising operations.


Operational Analytics

startelelogic's operations solutions utilize data analytics and artificial intelligence to support oil & gas companies in streamlining operations and production with customized business automation solutions.


Capital Project Management

startelelogic assists businesses with personalized capital project management software that oversees costs related to capital projects. This solution helps companies in managing operations and also allows companies to monitor and manage all activities required to create and maintain capital assets.


Equipment Maintenance Management

startelelogic provides oil and gas providers with long-term maintenance planning solutions including resource-leveling and optimization, manpower planning, and work order planning and reminders for scheduled maintenance of equipments.


VR-based immersive training

startelelogic offers customized AR/VR-based immersive training solutions that enable oil and gas companies to provide operational training including introductory training, training on new equipment/sites, and emergency training.

Achieve Net Zero Emission with startelelogic as your Technology Partner

Oil and gas make up a significant percentage of the economy, but it has challenges in terms of quality control, risk management, and environmental restrictions. We offer customized IT solutions that aid in process optimization, cost reduction, and productivity enhancement.

Our Key Differentiators

Industry recognition

startelelogic has been named one of the Top mobile app companies since 2011. Both Clutch & GoodFirms have recognized it as a top mobile app development company in India.

Improved Efficiency

Automation is critical operations helps to optimize processes, decrease human errors, and boost efficiency at all phases of production, from manufacturing to delivery. Our dedicated in house team of mobile and web app developers provide you with custom engagement plans for all your requirements.

Reduced Risk

Risk management can assist you in avoiding potential dangers. With the least amount of money and effort, address important issues and improve vulnerable locations. Our skilled experts will create a custom IT solution to reduce hazards.


Reduce operational, maintenance, and shipping costs with our ROI-driven IT solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

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