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JavaScript is a lightweight, reliable, and highly flexible script used for designing today’s dynamic web applications. It makes browsing a very convenient experience for users by allowing them to interact with the webpage without having to refresh each time. Since many companies have built their own JavaScript engines, the language can be used to create applications on a wide range of platforms from the web to mobile to gaming.

StarTele Logic is one of the more reputed JavaScript Development Companies in India as well as the USA. We are highly proficient in a plethora of JavaScript languages and have time and again developed web applications for modern business. From simple to enterprise-grade apps, we are there for your JavaScript needs.







Node.js Node.js

Why choose JavaScript for your business?

High performance with quality

High performance with quality

No matter the complexity of the application, JavaScript webpages take less than three seconds to load. The amazingly fast render makes a smooth user experience and ranks high with Google.

Advanced security

Advanced security

JavaScript is an open source platform which allows high-security plugins, data encryption, and secure admin dashboard to be implemented in the code. It also has a big community, this, making it easier to find solutions.

Versatile applications

Versatile applications

JavaScript is platform independent. It can be used to develop applications for the web, mobile, gaming, IoT, and even VR. Since there are many different JavaScript frameworks, the language translates well. No wonder why developers are eager to learn JavaScript.

Easy testing

Easy testing

Testing is convenient when working with JavaScript as it tests code line by line and points out bugs as they come. We can then detect any flaw and fix it in quick fashion.

Efficient and cost effective.png

Efficient and cost-effective

JavaScript is an easy to learn coding language with a diverse range of applications. Even the most complex projects are developed efficiently since it breaks down each component. Our developers collaborate and save time with JavaScript, which means you do the same.

Complete SEO

Complete SEO

JavaScript allows us to write cleaner, responsive, and user-friendly design. It also has a built-on navigation system, so that JavaScript-based web applications are on good terms with search engines like Google.

Our JavaScript Services
  • End-to-end development

  • Single Page Applications

  • Web App Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • Server-side Technology

  • Comprehensive Analysis

We Understand What You Need

Over the years, StarTele Logic has successfully positioned ourselves as a top-rated JavaScript web development company.Our team of developers are experts in JavaScript frameworks and deliver high-quality development services while being efficient.Our drive for perfection, range of JavaScript services, and client-friendly business model are the reasons why our clients stay satisfied with us AngularJS web development company.
Our team of expert developers strive towards creating simple, scalable, yet sophisticated applications that cater to your specific business requirements.AngularJS is the best tool today to create powerful, interactive UIs for mobile and web applications. Using AngularJS, we aim towards efficiently building reliable applications which are dynamic and secure for you.

Our Engagement Models

At StarTele Logic, we pride ourselves on delivering quality services according to our client’s needs. We offer flexible and tailor-made engagement models that best fit your business.

Our success comes from your satisfaction, and your satisfaction comes when we give you the best web development solutions for the growth of your business. We believe in maintaining transparency on each project and recommend the right engagement model based on your necessity.

You can choose an engagement model from one of these. If these do not work for you, we are happy to build one for you.

  •   Hire a Dedicated Team
  •   Fixed Price Model
  •   Time Material Model
  •   BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) Model

Process We Follow

Presentation of the process, detailing the progression of each phase until release.




Analyze clients' requirement, perspectives, plan layout and design the structure of the software.


Consolidation of architecture view or building blocks, identification of components and database design.




We plan detailed wireframes and functional specifications, clickable prototype, and user/owner feedback.

Design Sprint

We use Design Sprints to validate your ideas. The similar process as Google uses to validate their products.



Code Sprint

We use this process to determine the best technology stack and infrastructure for developing your product.


Your digital product needs a correct implementation. We offer the custom implementation for your products.

Case Study


Audio, Video

TrillUp is a communication platform where you can chat, talk, collaborate, share, group calling...


Cloud Telephony

Telemo is a cloud communication product that has been built in-house by our experienced telephony engineers.

Few Clients

Meet our clients - From startup to a global brand

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