Enabling improved logistics and supply management procedures to gain a competitive advantage across the board.

The logistics industry is undergoing a transformation, with the growing adoption of emerging technology as new entrants shake up the sector and customer expectations skyrocket. Companies have started employing intelligent material handling equipment, autonomous trucks, and other developments to meet the industry's demands for faster, cheaper, reliable, and sustainable delivery services. The current complexity of the global marketplace has presented a number of issues for businesses today in terms of optimizing their transportation operations to ensure that the right product reaches the right person at the right time and at the lowest possible cost. Sub-utilization of available carriers has resulted in inefficiencies and higher freight costs due to a lack of better load consolidation. Adding ineffective auditing processes for today's complicated freight bills multiplies freight costs.

The necessity for logistics companies to deliver"just in time" in ever-shrinking time windows persists as businesses and organizations trim warehouse capacity to save money. We at startelelogic, assist logistic companies in staying ahead of the curve by implementing cutting-edge software systems that automate activities and improve operational efficiency and scalability.

Our customized services across the Transportation & Logistics


Management Solutions

startelelogic provides transportation & logistics companies with customized supply chain management solutions that help in tracking shipment and managing the delivery of goods to ensure efficient and quick delivery of goods.


Mobility Automation Solutions

startelelogic offers AI-enabled and data-driven customized solutions to automate shipment processes and eliminate the possibility of manual error. These solutions ensure secure and cost-effective freight delivery operations.


Routing Optimization and Geofencing Solutions

startelelogic's route optimization solutions assist in bridging the data about a vehicle’s current location and scheduled activities to generate an optimized route to improve system efficiency and decrease operating costs.


Fleet Management

startelelogic delivers robust and agile fleet management solutions that automate collision detection and notifies immediately in case of an accident to speed up case handling and reduce accident-related costs.


Online Booking Engine Software

startelelogic offers transportation and logistics businesses one-stop online booking platforms that seamlessly integrate user GPS location into modules for scheduling, calendars, payments, and customer support.


Campaign Management Software

startelelogic assists transportation and logistics companies with highly-advanced campaign management software solutions for creating email marketing programs that deliver the right message, to the right audience, at exactly the right time.

Make your move with startelelogic as Technology Partner

Transportation and logistics organizations require software solutions that manage traffic flows and allow for effective client interactions while lowering operational expenses and generating revenue. We use our significant logistics software development experience to provide a business solution that is tailored to your specific workflow and specialization for you to be unstoppable.

Our Key Differentiators

Industry recognition

startelelogic has been named one of the Top mobile app companies since 2011. Both Clutch & GoodFirms have recognized it as a top mobile app development company in India.

Enhanced Efficiency

To ensure smooth releases and perfect operation of your infrastructure, our in-house team enriches your development environment with matured methods and proven frameworks.

Seamless Growth

Our development team has the expertise to modify both front-end and back-end operations. Adopting smart technology that scales with your company is critical for long-term success since it saves time, effort, and money.


With our software solution, you can create optimal routes in every supply chain to increase capacity and provide excellent customer service while saving money on gasoline, penalty fees, and other freight shipping costs.

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We outline the capabilities of future solutions, offer advice on how to integrate them into your healthcare services, and connect them with IT and business goals.


In agile iterations, we create, test, and execute healthcare solutions based on high-level or specific requirements that support better outcomes.


We keep track of the solutions and their performance, find and solve bugs, perform preventative maintenance, validate security, administer the applications, and add new features, among other things.



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