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WebRTC or AppRTC is an HTML5 and strong JavaScript specification that you can use to add real-time media communications directly between a browser and mobile devices and developers need for C/C++ and replace it with a Javascript APIs. With the ever-evolving technology it is getting all the more difficult to keep pace with the latest web-based technologies. They are fast progressing and so is the competition in the market. In such a case companies need to present the best of the products in the market to survive in competition. Thus, we at StarTele Logic offer highly reliable and scalable WebRTC applications development services that benefit to the customer.

WebRTC technology is generally used for One-to-One Video Chat and Group Video chat. We at StarTele Logic, develop WebRTC or AppRTC applications with an aim to enable the rich and high-quality video calling for the browser and mobile platforms and thus allow them all to communicate through a common set of protocols. Over the years, our professionals have earned a wealth of expertise in developing comprehensive WebRTC-based video calling solutions which offer Video, Voice messaging, File exchange capabilities, co-browsing, and other such features.

WebRTC Features

Video chat

It is designed to bring people together. Easy-to-use scalable audio, web, and video conferencing solutions that offer best-in-class cloud-based conferencing experience.

Audio Call

StarTele Logic developed and deployed the indigenous solution to have Audio Call, Push Notification, DTMF dial, Multi-Party call conference, and roaming enabled.


Today's chat apps help organize team conversations about multiple topics. Here are the best features in today's chat apps so you can pick the perfect tool for your company.


Co-browsing allows you to see and interact with your customer’s web screen in real time.

Screen Sharing

We offer screen share collaborating, conducting a meeting, and even socializing is now made convenient. Screen sharing is the process of giving another computer user access to a computer screen.

Live Call Recording

StarTele Logic offers live call recording via webrtc and using in-house developed media servers that help an enterprise to host live meetings and record for further references.

Why Work with StarTele Logic on WebRTC Application development

StarTele Logic is the leader in the development of WebRTC applications and our experienced team excels to create a rich and highly scalable WebRTC applications. Irrespective of the approach, our skilled professionals guarantee to make the process work for your particular business case. In case you need to build the Audio Chat and Video Chat for iOS, Android or desktop you can contact us for free consulting to have world class product for voice or video calling.

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