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With the help of WebRTC, you can have the experience of an integrated video call within the context of any web or mobile application. Unlike the other social networking apps which feature video calling, WebRTC is not a separate application, but an extension of the browser. Nowadays, with the various evolving hacking techniques it has become quite challenging for the developers to create such an application that ensures complete security and is entirely encrypted. They have their aims focused at developing such services which provide a consistent experience across all devices and provide utmost security and enterprise-level quality of service

In such a situation we at StarTele Logic come to the rescue of our clients. Our solutions and services ensure that our solutions are highly reliable and scalable providing a worldwide network of signaling servers, and thus we offer an enterprise grade Service Level Agreement to back-up our software claims. We at StarTele Logic have developed various Video conferencing/chat solutions for many healthcare organizations. We have been in the field for over six years and since then have been excelling in the development of efficient video calling solutions for companies based worldwide.

Secure Video Call Features

Low Latency

The message can transfer within a short period of time. It consumes the low level of data.

High Encryption

At one end of the sender’s voice/video is transferred that can be encrypted and another end receiver can be decrypted the voice/video for most secure communication.

Cross Platform

It supports the cross-platform and also allows running the application from the existing platform.

Why Work with StarTele Logic on Secure Video Calling Solution

Our skilled professionals develop such customizable and secure video calling applications solution that will suit to integrate the video and voice chat to enable video/Audio call. Our clients’ companies have benefitted largely by our development services as our solutions and software fare well in the market and help the clients’ organization to earn considerable revenue from the market and thus climb the ladder of success within no time.

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