We constantly innovate and keep up with latest mobile technologies to exceed client’s expectations.

Just as medical science advances all the time, we too innovate and keep up with the latest mobile technologies to meet the expectations of clients in the healthcare sector.

Move towards Task-oriented apps

For delivering easy-to-use mobile solutions, we give exceptional interest to each function. We build tailored solutions to assist organization fulfil assignments extra professionally.

Intelligible and Intelligent Product UI/UX

As a premium but competitively priced healthcare apps company, we can craft elaborate UX patterns that not only work but also offer a silky and user-friendly.

An easy to operate single app

Our mobile apps provide gateway to a recognised medical infrastructure with linkage to components such as patient Electronic Health Records (EHRs), scheduling systems and more..

Our expertise at StarTele Logic also lies with the integration of VoIP capability into a video calls to make it easier for doctors and their patients to interact. By a simple touch or voice activated command, doctors can manage actions such as patient appointments, research medications and perform host of other tasks through our mobile app whilst being sure that each communication is secure.

The healthcare offering from StarTele Logic - tailored specifically to individual client needs - allows creation of applications that make both consulting and treatment easy. This inevitably is cost-effective and saves time of practitioners as well as patients. The modern healthcare professional, wherever he or she is based on the planet, require straightforward and user-friendly applications they can access on the go in their frequently hectic lives, and StarTele Logic apps are fashioned specially for them and others in similar profession.

In fact, StarTele Logic can create a cross mix of technologies in developing applications that work for all aspects of the healthcare industry such as insurance providers, bio-medical technologists, healthcare application vendors, pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies, among many others.

In recent years, StarTele Logic has worked with many hospitals, healthcare providers and private companies to develop applications for iOS and Android. If you're looking to boost your healthcare business and offering improved & faster services, then do reach out.

We partnered with StarTele Logic to build a patient portal and apps that would enhance the patient experience and streamline communications between the practice and the patient. During the project, StarTele Logic displayed a high degree of professionalism and knowledge to help us achieve our objectives on time and within budget. There was a true spirit and partnership throughout the project and because of their dedication and hard work, the project was a success. -- Chief Technology Officer Independent Software Vendor, New Delhi India

Be assured that StarTele Logic can provide you with the best app development service.
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