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Why should move to the Cloud?

Cloud telephony breaks the barriers that the traditional phone system have. Cloud telephony services are perfect for call centers or businesses that want innovative phone solutions with zero investment in infrastructure. It enables a much more streamlined, controlled and systematic manner of communication and affordable for any size of business.

StarTele Logic is one of the best cloud telephony services providers in India, USA and offering robust and secure internet services for both cloud-based voices as well as data applications. With cloud telephony services, enterprises can manage business calls without compromising on cost and quality. Our experienced team of experts is efficient in managing & maintaining a cloud system and offer fully managed services. Our support team also takes care of the system in case of any glitch or issues.

Services We Provide

Explore our services to meet your requirements.

Audio Video Conferencing

Audio Video Conferencing



Secure Collaboration Solution

Secure Collaboration Solution

Secure Video Calling Solution

Secure Video Calling Solution

VoIP billing software

VoIP billing software

Click to Call

Click to Call



Core Features Of Our Cloud Telephony Solutions

  •   Broadcasting Interactive Outbound Calls.
  •   Analyzing Missed Call Data
  •   Toll-Free Numbers
  •   Cloud Call Center
  •   Click-To-Call
  •   Real-Time Reporting
  •   URL Forwarding
  •   SMS Notification
  •   Routing Inbound Phone Calls Through IVR.
  •   Virtual Phone Numbers
  •   Custom Call Flows
  •   Call Recording
  •   Welcome Message
  •   Multiple Extensions
  •   Music On Hold

Cloud Telephony Solutions We Offer

Audio Video Conferencing

At StarTele Logic, we have an expert team of developing online communication applications for audio meetings, video meetings, seminars with built-in features such as screen-sharing, chat, and recording. This solution is implemented to enable international or long-distance communication, enhance collaboration, and it reduces travel expenses. Any organization can host virtual meetings with fellow employees, company partners, customers and no matter where the attendees are physically located.

StarTele Logic’s Conferencing Solution Features

  •   Call Any Platform
  •   Chat Software
  •   File Transferring
  •   Easily Switch Audio to Video
  •   Browser to gsm Calls
  •   Reliability, Recoding, and Reporting
  •   Simplifies Meeting Experience

WebRTC Development

StarTele Logic is a prominent WebRTC development company with great experience in accomplishing WebRTC in your web and mobile applications. We build high-quality video streaming apps, online meeting tools, webinar apps, virtual classrooms, and video consulting apps using open-source native WebRTC libraries as well as full stack WebRTC tools for healthcare, finance, business, and other industries that run on the web and mobile platform.

Advantages of using WebRTC

  •   Multiple Platforms and Devices supportability
  •   Highly adaptive to network conditions
  •   Secured Connections
  •   High-quality Video/Voice Calling
  •   Inter-compatibility of Voice and Video Systems

Secure Collaboration Solution

With StarTele Logic, it’s easy to build a cloud-based secure collaboration software that enables users to collaborate freely from anywhere with anyone. You can determine permission for downloading files, editing, and printing files and it maintains the highest level of data security so that clients can collaborate safely, confidently and productively, from anywhere, on any device.

Collaboration cloud telephony software Helps Teams

  •   Communicate more easily
  •   Increase Productivity
  •   Coordinate with remote workers
  •   Facilitate teamwork
  •   Save Time
  •   Cut down travel costs

Secure Video calling Solution

We have been in the field for over 9 years and since then have been excelling in the cloud-based development of secure video calling solutions for organizations across the globe. StarTele Logic has developed various video conferencing solutions for many healthcare organizations that provide utmost security with high quality of video calling.

Top Features

  •   Low Latency
  •   High Encryption
  •   Cross Platform

VoIP Billing Sofware

We are extremely skilled and equipped in cloud-based VoIP billing cloud telephony software and solutions that give you all the tools you need to generate invoices and collect payments, bill VoIP calls, support different types of payment gateway and include analytics details, flexible billing cycles, DID management, and prepaid and postpaid billing services, and many more.

Why VoIP Billing Solution?

  •   Plug and play- super easy to access
  •   Scalable
  •   FreeSwitch Technology
  •   Limitless options for both prepaid and postpaid users
  •   Easy Customization
  •   Branding Options
  •   Extraordinary Support Team

Click-to-Call Software

Through this digital communication, a user can click a button in order to be connected with another individual in real-time without dialing the phone number. Cloud telephony Solutions at StarTele Logic provide click-to-call software, businesses can instantly integrate our API to implement a click-to-call service for their customers. It allows the customers to receive a call from any business by just dropping their number on the company website or app.

Features Of Click-to-Call

  •   No Number Dialling
  •   Business-customer convenience
  •   Easy track of the conversation
  •   Call recording
  •   Detailed reporting
  •   CRM integration
  •   Unlimited channels


At StarTele Logic, We offer client driven FreeSWITCH services to help you build the most secure, scalable and robust FreeSWITCH solutions. It is an extensible open source VoIP PBX cross-platform telephony platform that is designed for carrying out real-time communication, using video, voice, data, and messaging over the internet.

Services to be provided in FreeSWITCH development

  •   FreeSWITCH Based Routing
  •   Server Deployment
  •   Dialplan Script
  •   Appointment Booking IVR
  •   Freeswitch call center solution

Our Engagement Models

StarTele Logic offers highly flexible and customized engagement models to ensure the success and growth of the businesses. Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer and transparency throughout our engagement with each project. Depending on the nature of the client’s needs, we would recommend the most appropriate engagement model for our clients.

You are welcome to either select a model from the mentioned below or suggest your own.

  •   Hire a Dedicated Team
  •   Fixed Price Model
  •   Time Material Model
  •   BOT(Build-Operate-Transfer) Model

Process We Follow

Presentation of the process, detailing the progression of each phase until release.




Analyze clients' requirement, perspectives, plan layout and design the structure of the software.


Consolidation of architecture view or building blocks, identification of components and database design.




We plan detailed wireframes and functional specifications, clickable prototype, and user/owner feedback.

Design Sprint

We use Design Sprints to validate your ideas. The similar process as Google uses to validate their products.



Code Sprint

We use this process to determine the best technology stack and infrastructure for developing your product.


Your digital product needs a correct implementation. We offer the custom implementation for your products.

Case Study


Audio, Video

TrillUp is a communication platform where you can chat, talk, collaborate, share, group calling...


Cloud Telephony

Telemo is a cloud communication product that has been built in-house by our experienced telephony engineers.

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