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The android apps can be developed using codes in Java, C++ or Kotlin using the Android Software Development Kit or by any other third party developer tool such as Xamarin. This enables one to customize and personalise a particular app to suit their needs. Tailor-made apps create a unique user experience and create interest in your business. It also enables you to interact with the customer and experience first-hand what they want from you.
 Some of the most commonly used apps are used for various purposes such as chatting, video calling, gaming, entertainment etc. These apps are developed to support the android version since android smartphones are the most widely used smartphones compares to any other versions. To cater to different purposes and categories, certain apps like android video calling apps, android chat apps, enterprise android apps, entertainment android apps etc.

Android Apps Development


Discover, Gathering ideas, Preparing Information Documents

Wireframe & Prototype

Preparing Mockup Design, User Experience Design, User Flow

UI Design

User-friendly Design, Brand Style Guide, Layout Design


Making System Architecture, Creating API, Database

Writing Code

Write Code And Build App, API Integration


Testing & Analysis, Bug Fixing

Launch & Deliver

App Store Graphic Design, Optimization

Support & Maintenance

Support & App Maintenance, New Bug fixing, New Features Implementation

Our Android apps development services

  • IoT Enabled Smart devoices
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice, Video, Text Chat
  • Third Party (Tokbox and Twilio) SDK integration
StarTele Logic Android Apps Development
  • XMPP Integration
  • Cloud Telephony
  • Cloud Messaging
  • IoT Hardware Integrations

Benefits of Android Apps

  • Highly Scalable with programming.
  • Open source Code & Android developers in IoT apps Integration.
  • Android apps can be used for digital marketing.
  • Deliver best users experience to the customers.
  • Android apps is a one-time investment and relatively cheap.
  • This enables the customer to choose what they want.

Case Study

Case Study - startelelogic
Case Study - startelelogic
Case Study - startelelogic
Case Study - startelelogic
Case Study - startelelogic

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