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Our solutions offer improved safety, dependability, and better communications while power distribution.

Our tech solutions offer improved safety, dependability, and better communications within energy and power distribution networks at home and globally.

While the world economy is set to grow multiple times in the next few decades, providing greater economic prosperity and improvement in people’s living standards, the planet’s biosphere is facing grave challenges on the energy front.

Government initiated electricity distribution companies in India (DISCOMs) are face growing demand and expectations from customers, regulators, supervisory bodies and government officials in increasing security, dependability and efficacy of the power distribution and delivery network.

StarTele Logic is already in the fore of matching up the software needs for energy demands both now and in future. It will require sophisticated, unified, robust and instantaneous solutions which have proved their worth already in distribution and supply system setups, but now requiring more advanced versions in app technology tailored to specific areas of supply and distribution need.

StarTele Logic is developing and improving effective solutions for effective monitoring of energy losses and indeed theft by using updated, secure and state-of-art technology to measure detailed information and so aid the accountability processes resulting from these losses. For example, the use of IoT and PLCs for remote monitoring and controlling of the distribution can be of truly valuable assistance in the identification and tracking of theft and losses at different levels in the system. Distribution companies can review detailed reports of power distribution at each geographic zone, encircling, division and subdivision in the system and take remedial action when and wherever required. ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management Systems) from StarTele Logic is also an IoT-based solution which assists power and energy providers in achieving a range of detailed information - and in real-time.

StarTele Logic engineers can help companies achieve energy efficiency through helping to set up stable operations, giving them a technology infrastructure to utilize a reliable and robust networking arrangement across all sectors of not only the power providers but so to connecting and enhancing environmental initiatives and relationships.

By offering improved accessibility, scalability and analytics, StarTele Logic helps power distribution companies minimize logically and cost-effectively hitherto unmanaged losses. This in turn improves distribution quality to achieve higher Energy Efficiency, reduced overall costs and minimal losses to those involved in the various DISCOM operations. Finally, if it can work in India then we at StarTele Logic believe it can achieve success in similarly pressured and challenged organizations elsewhere in the world.

Few Key Benefits

  • Solutions to minimize transmission & distribution losses
  • View GIS enabled real time data
  • Measure Transmission and distribution losses
  • Operational alerts and triggers
  • Data archiving
  • Analyze and optimize operation of network

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