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The need for a flawless cloud contact center cannot be understated as it is the bridge between a company and its customers. A cloud contact center takes your traditional contact center and puts its entire services and database on the cloud. It shrinks the infrastructure and speeds up operations making for a very efficient way to run a business

StarTele Logic have developed cloud contact center solutions to a range of clients, giving them the best-in-class features that fit perfectly in their business structure. We develop cloud based contact centers that are compatible across all platforms and very easy to use for small or large enterprise customers.

Leveraging a diverse range of channels in voice, mobile, e-mail, web, social media, via its cloud-based contact center services, we developed a unique framework.
Key features such as Real-time Dashboard, Real-time Call Status, and Real-time Campaign Monitor, Live Interactions on Omnichannel and Social Media, Response message script for all Social Media, WebChat, e-mail and SMS, CRM Integrated IVR System, Web Callback, Internal Chat, and many more were incorporated to deliver an out-of-the-box contact center experience.

cloud IVR

Cloud IVR

call ques

Call Queues

call monitoring

Call Monitoring

Global Accessibility


Call Recordings


WebRTC Support

Cloud Contact Center for your business.png

Cloud Contact Center for your business

Cloud contact center are easy to develop, set up, and manage as the entire process is done virtually. It is also simple to learn so your call center team doesn’t have to put in much work.

Standalone Video KYC Solution

Standalone Video KYC Solutions

StarTele Logic develop digital platform to reduce your KYC completion cost by up to 99 percent with immediate video KYC deployment while enjoying more completions compared to any readymade standalone video KYC platforms, contact our business team to develop standalone Video KYC Solutions or platform.

Exponentially scalable

Exponentially scalable

Digital customer experience platform supersedes traditional one for many reasons. One of the biggest being that there is no limit as to how big you want your contact center to be. It adapts as the size of your business grows.

Takes care of tedious tasks

Takes care of tedious tasks

StarTele develop contact centers are equipped with machine learning, giving you the benefit of automation. This way, you can hand out menial or repetitive tasks to the software while your team can focus their energy on something more important. .

Our Cloud Contact Center stand out

  • Cutting edge IVR

  • Call queues

  • Call monitoring

  • Global accessibility

  • Call recordings

  • WebRTC support

We Understand What You Need

Poor customer service builds a poor rapport for a business. We don’t want that for our clients. When our clients come to us regarding Cloud Contact Center solutions, we listen to their needs, study their customers, and market trends, and figure out the best solutions.

The developing team at StarTele Logic is a group of driven, hard-working people who complete projects in a timely, efficient manner so that your business suffers no lapses.
Want to develop a great contact center? You are looking in the right place.

Our Engagement Models

At StarTele Logic, we pride ourselves on delivering quality services according to our client’s needs. We offer flexible and tailor-made engagement models that best fit your contact center requirement.

Our success comes from your satisfaction, and your satisfaction comes when we give you the best web development solutions for the growth of your business. We believe in maintaining transparency on each project and recommend the right engagement model based on your necessity.

You can choose an engagement model from one of these. If these do not work for you, we are happy to build one for you.

  •   Hire a Dedicated Team
  •   Fixed Price Model
  •   Time Material Model
  •   BOT(Build-Operate-Transfer) Model

Process We Follow

Presentation of the process, detailing the progression of each phase until release.




Analyze clients' requirement, perspectives, plan layout and design the structure of the software.


Consolidation of architecture view or building blocks, identification of components and database design.




We plan detailed wireframes and functional specifications, clickable prototype, and user/owner feedback.

Design Sprint

We use Design Sprints to validate your ideas. The similar process as Google uses to validate their products.



Code Sprint

We use this process to determine the best technology stack and infrastructure for developing your product.


Your digital product needs a correct implementation. We offer the custom implementation for your products.

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