Array of services for Global Banking and Financial Institutions to enhance efficiency and serviceability

Our portfolio of technology services for the global banking and financial services industry are second to none - designed to enhance efficiency and serviceability.

Mobile banking and financial apps

We develop functional, interactive and easy-to-use mobile apps for various banking and financial institutions to help them serve their customers in real-time. We offer expert advice and consulting on matters of forward planning and acquisition of such technology.

Effective mobile banking scenario

Incorporation and integration of multi-level options aimed at the end user is a major part of StarTele Logic’s effective mobile banking transformation in dealing with constant changes and demands within the BFSI, focused on consumer-centric trends

Customer Relationship Management

StarTele Logic provides CRM services to help the BFSI industry reach their customers across different communication channels - incorporated within a single, streamlined system. Our industry focused CRM solutions help institutions manage efficiently.

Banks and other financial institutions are facing competition from a growing host of non-banking outfits like Google, PayPal, the telecom providers, retailers, and of course many others who continue to climb on the FS bandwagon. These rapidly-evolving trends create huge challenges for the BFSI sector for them to stay relevant and secure their customer base. This has created a need for banks to adopt digital technologies and transform their operational model.

StarTeleLogic has a team of industry specialists and technology experts who work diligently in creating applications that work for the‘big players’ in the BFSI industry - banks with a global identity, multi-national insurance companies and a vast range of financial institutions. With years of experience, StarTele Logic has the ability to develop customized solutions and assist companies in their use to maximum benefit to themselves and their end users. We provide them with a digital presence from project start to ongoing support 24/7 and bring all functionalities of their unique product to their fingertips.

If you tell us your business needs, we’ll help in creating for you and your affiliates the most beneficial yet cost-effective mobile banking solutions money can buy.

Financial App Development

Some key factors in StarTele Logic services

  • The facilities of our global technology center
  • Development of state-of-the-art banking apps
  • Fully customizable systems
  • Easy VoIP integration
  • Integrated foolproof security features
  • Real-time collaboration

Be assured that StarTele Logic can provide you with the best app development service available.
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