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Privacy Policy

startelelogic believes that securing and protecting the privacy of the clients and visitors is an important responsibility. Thus, we try to perform it with much honesty and sincerity. The Privacy Policy page intends to describe how startelelogic would collect, store and process your personal information.

This page explains in detail the kind of personal information that we would collect from you while you visit our website and what happens to that information. However, please keep in mind that by visiting, viewing and using the page, you are agreeing to all our policy, practices and terms & conditions listed in this Privacy Policy Page. In addition, also remember to check this page from time to time and be aware of all the changes as regularly update our policies.

Information that we request from you:

While you visit our website, we might ask, accumulate and process the information about you mentioned in the section below:

What is the purpose of visiting our website?

The purpose of your visit to our website is inclusive of information like the number of pages viewed and the resources you have accessed which lists information like traffic data, communication data, and location data.

Primary Information provided by you.
Data you provide while interacting with us.

A thing to remember:

Please remember that we DO NOT ask for any of your payment details like Credit Card OR Bank Account details or any other sort of financial details while processing for payment.


Cookies are the small files stored on a user’s computer. This supply information regarding the computer used by a visitor. Here, we might access cookies to collect data about your computer, which in turn would help to build our website better. By using this cookie feature, we might as well collect information about your general internet use. Now, this information is just the statistical data we gather that doesn’t give a clear identification of you personally.

In case you are not comfortable with us saving your data, you just need to change the settings on your computer to delete the cookies.

Usage Of your information:

We use the data collected from you to supply our services. Moreover, the section below discusses in details the purposes for which we use your information:

To give a quick read of the information you have requested in reference to our products or services.
To provide you information regarding the other products that might interest you. However, this is additional information that would be only sent if you give the approval to receive the information.
The third one is important as it notifies you about the changes we have made to our website, services, and products.

Lastly, only after receiving your consent in advance, we might give the third parties, the access to your information, so that they would give you information relating to the products and services that have interested you primarily. However, you have the liberty to withdraw your consent anytime you want.

Securing your personal information:

We guarantee you everything best and make sure that all the necessary steps are taken for the safe maintenance of your personal data. However, a bit of faulty risk is always there. You are sending all your information through the Internet, which is again quite vulnerable to cyber threats. It is unfortunate that we cannot fully guarantee the data security you have send us electronically, so this is done completely at your own risk.

The revelation of your data:

We do not intend to sell, rent, or do business with the end user's personal details or identity information to the other third parties. Yes, we do share very generic information, but this is not related to anyone’s personal identification information of our visitors and users with our trusted contacts, business partners and advertisers only for the sake of marketing or generating revenue.

Providing third party links or websites:

It is true that many a time we might include or embed third parties or links to the website. But this is done completely keeping in mind our user’s and visitor’s privacy scenes. There is a strict review of the third- party privacy policy before sending the visitors any personal data.

Changes and alterations done to this privacy policy:

Update to the privacy policy does not have a fixed time. However, while any amendment or alteration takes place, we ensure that the page is revised and updated. So here, we always suggest our users to frequently check the pages and keep themselves updated with all the recent changes and modifications concerned with the security of personal information.

Your approval to this Privacy policy terms:

Your approval to these privacy policies and conditions are signified once you visit our website. In case you don’t accept these, you are requested not to use the website. Your prolonged visits and usage of our site, leading to the sharing of changes to this privacy policy would be deemed as your approval of all the updates and changes made.

In case of any concern about your privacy, please write to us at, we will respond to you immediately.

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