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Providing world-class customer-centric banking solutions to financial institutions for a complete digital ecosystem of operations

Disruption in the business landscape, as well as technological advancements, have led banks and financial institutions to adopt innovative business models while still providing exceptional customer service. With the advent of digital banking and the rise of fintech players, the world is witnessing a revolution that is transforming the banking industry into a significantly more efficient and successful enterprise. This revolution has been further catalyzed by the recent surge in online payments. As a result, financial institutions are attempting to deploy the best digital services in order to increase user loyalty, improve operational efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Banks and financial institutions are reinventing their operational models, increasing their competitiveness, and scaling new development channels as a result of their digital transformation journey. We, at startelelogic, understand the complexities of the current digital technology. Our skilled developers and designers collaborate with partners to construct world-class FinTech and banking solutions.

Customized Services across the Banking & Financial Services Industry

Custom Banking Software

Custom Banking Software

startelelogic offers customized technology solutions for retail and corporate banks for the implementation of the best online banking practices with advanced functionalities including personal banking and loyalty program integration to ensure a superior user experience.

Mobile Banking Software

Mobile Banking Software

startelelogic provides banks and financial institutions with powerful and full-featured digital solutions that provide a seamless transactional experience from anywhere with flexibility, higher performance, and great user experience (UX).

Payments & Billing Solutions

Payments & Billing Solutions

startelelogic develops large electronic bill delivery networks for businesses and organizations based on deep insights and analysis of the latest trends to build intelligent, interactive, and intuitive digital bill payment solutions that enable banking consumers to view and pay bills with ease.

P2P Lending and Crowdfunding Software

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending and Crowdfunding Software

startelelogic's cutting-edge digital solutions such as crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, crowdfunding, and marketplace lending enable banking companies and financial institutions with a single system of record to extend loan services to the right beneficiaries.

Compliance and Risk Management Solutions

Compliance and Risk Management Solutions

startelelogic's intelligent and world-class compliance and risk management solutions help banking and financial entities effectively respond to regulatory requirements, restrict external sharing of sensitive data, and view and manage potential insider risks.

Investment Portfolio Management Software

Investment Portfolio Management Software

startelelogic's experienced developers integrate comprehensive asset management modules and trade expense reduction algorithms to create and implement custom portfolio management solutions that help optimize resource utilization and streamline day-to-day business processes.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions

startelelogic's insurance solutions streamline the review process, enabling real-time feedback, improvement cycle, and performance indicators to maximize efficiency and ROI.

Trading Platform Software Development

Trading Platform Software Development

startelelogic assists businesses with custom trading platform software solutions for traders, asset managers, investment agencies, trust funds, financial intermediaries, and banks to enable real-time transaction processing and market monitoring.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions for Banking & Financial Services

startelelogic develops and integrates blockchain solutions including crypto wallet development to empower businesses and enterprises to build a next-gen decentralized digital economy.

fraud Protection platform

Fraud Protection Platforms

With the widespread use of digital payments and mobile banking, the number of banking and financial frauds, security breaches, and other vulnerable activities has also increased. To combat such malicious activities, starteleogic provides a one-stop solution against all kinds of fraudulent activities.

Fuel Fintech Evolution with startelelogic as your Technology Partner

Our BFSI solutions help organizations comply with regulations and satisfy consumer expectations while reducing costs and increasing revenues. We offer consultation, and mobile application development services to help businesses maximize client acquisition, activation, and retention while also improving the end-users experience.

Our Key Differentiators

Industry recognition
Industry recognition

startelelogic has been named one of the Top mobile app companies since 2011. Both Clutch & GoodFirms have recognized it as a top mobile app development company in India.

Customer first approach
Customer First Approach

startelelogic provides a full professional development team for iPhone and Android mobile and web applications that work with a customer-oriented approach.

Technology expertise
Broad Technology Expertise

We work with our partners to develop efficient solutions to any demand because of our wide technology stack knowledge and expertise in the financial services sector.

Locked down security
Locked Down Security

We recognizes the importance of bulletproof security, and we combine preventative methods with robust incident response procedures to safeguard your customer's financial data.

"When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar."

George Westerman | Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Initiative on Digital Economy

Our Service Model


We outline the capabilities of future solutions, offer advice on how to integrate them into your healthcare services, and connect them with IT and business goals.


In agile iterations, we create, test, and execute healthcare solutions based on high-level or specific requirements that support better outcomes.


We keep track of the solutions and their performance, find and solve bugs, perform preventative maintenance, validate security, administer the applications, and add new features, among other things.


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