UX-UI Strategy and Design

We create attractive, purposeful product addressing every key element in our design approach to produce the perfect,
customized application for your own particular needs

Creating the right UI/UX strategy and design requires thorough planning, initiative and knowing the intricacies of user interface. With this in mind, our experts develop a seamless user experience to produce interactive web and mobile apps. Our team at StarTele Logic offers the right mix of design experience, technical understanding, and zeal in a customer service, where the goal from this combination is to convert your ideas into a rich user experience.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the basics for all app tools and solutions. It's therefore not only desirable but necessary for apps to be designed and function perfectly across possible diverse networks but used in the latest devices in the mobile market. That's not an easy one. Technology is allowing access to all sorts of new locations and exploring the hitherto unexplored. At the same time, irrespective of how impressive the devices or software is, user experience will always remain the key factor in its success.

How people experience, use and enjoy an application is a critical component of the UI/UX development at StarTele Logic. We create UI/UX designs with a clear focus on captivating aesthetics combined with testing usability.

UX-UI Strategy and Design

UX-UI Strategy and Design

We follow our own design process of interwoven User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) around the user requirement. We place emphasis from the outset to fully understand user requirements and seek early opinion about how they see the process will work and then offer guidance and advice on the realities of the project. We first explore the task internally prior to starting work on the actual product, employing our interface and user experience design expertise.

Our UI/UX process always begins with research, familiarising ourselves with the various aspects of the client's business, who their clients are and how the brand is perceived by them. Next, our StarTele Logic team prioritize the key aspects of what the app is to deliver before moving on to the conceptualizing process, the UI/UX based on end user needs. We strategize ways for transforming early concepts into reality and develop this with visual aids so the client can see what's planned. The last step involves technical development using selected technology platforms, integrating requisite software and hardware, and finally testing for quality assurance.

Our UI/UX Capabilities

  • Analytics
  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Screen Flow Diagrams & Maps
  • Wire-frames & Prototypes
  • Experience Design
  • iPhone & iPad Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Responsive Web Apps

1: Understanding the Idea

  • User profiles and preferences
  • Task Analysis
  • Product positioning
  • Client opinion
  • Usability and heuristic evaluations

2: Concept & Prototype

  • Innovation workshop
  • Ideation and Brainstorming
  • Joint design sessions
  • Process flows
  • Design workshops

3: Evaluation of the UI/UX

  • Analysis - Quantitative & qualitative
  • Test design
  • Usability testing sessions
  • Findings, feedback and recommendations

4: Designing Interactions

  • Information architecture
  • Navigation & UX flows
  • Human-computer interaction models
  • Definition and prioritization of features
  • Wireframes and screen layout

5: Visual Designing

  • Visual theming, Color-schemes, typography
  • Screen renderings
  • Graphical UI elements
  • Design of icons
  • Design Style Guides
  • HTML/CSS/XAML templates

6: Technical Development and Foundation

  • Technology Platform Selection
  • Software/Hardware Integration
  • Application Development
  • Testing, review and quality assurance
  • Operation Transfer, Training and Support

7: Deployment

  • Deployment Strategy
  • Hosting
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Support Tools
  • Beta Cycle

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