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We constantly innovate and keep up with latest mobile technologies to exceed client’s expectations.

The rising dependence on mobility and constant cross border travel keeps us innovating in and attuned to the latest trends in cellular phone technology.

Mobile App Development for Travel and Hospitality

At StarTele Logic we endeavor always to exceed on client expectations and the staggering growth of the World Wide Web continues to increase pressures on travel, leisure, accommodation and hospitality companies to provide quality services in an instant. That direct connectivity with customers - whether promoting current special offers or in providing reservation systems offering real time availability and booking facilities. Operational effectiveness, both in function and wise but not costly investments, gives distinct advantages over competitors.

Every three in five mobile phone users globally have downloaded at least one travel-related app. This rising dependence on mobility coupled with the constant consumer need to access digital media - plus increasing consumer expectations for rolling personalized services - is certainly motivating the hospitality industry to invest in the means whereby a richer customer experience is created.

Our services

Payment Systems Integration

Mobile payment Integration systems have provided new horizons in commerce to the tourism industry because all the technology the consumer needs to fulfill their vacation dreams is right there in the palm of the hands with wide ranging, attractive and efficient apps on their mobile phones.

Customer Management

We have the technological knowledge and ability to create apps that are scalable and user friendly. Each StarTele Logic product can be customized to meet specific requirements of enterprise companies and organizations in the tourism field and their end users alike.

Inventory & Procurement Management

Globalization has broken borders and enhanced the globetrotter experience for travelers who are open to a vast choice laden travel & tourism through their mobile phone apps. They are able to weigh-up what’s available and make fast buying decisions.

When clients of the industry plan trips and vacations, they use a wide range of internet resources to explore and book travel, hotel accommodation, hospitality packages and entertainment options. Cleverly constructed visuals and tempting but informative web scripts can prompt purchase decisions based on product desire, quality and importantly also, the timing of offers - the latter being critical in reaching them when at their most receptive.

StarTele Logic has helped all those companies and services that input to travel and hospitality industry to successfully achieve projects aimed at selling to the consumer market, taking on new challenges to improve client business and develop new skills in the process challenges by employing and providing innovative communications technology.

StarTele Logic provides cost effective and totally flexible and organic app development for companies large and small with the global travel and tourism industry, and in diverse ways. A tailor-made system by us gives their both established and potential customers instant access to a portfolio of services, which inevitably results in better business and a truly satisfied customer.

If you are looking for customized applications which are right for your business, do contact our sales experts who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and come up with effective solutions.

Be assured that StarTele Logic can provide you with the best app development service available.
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