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In today's fast-paced world of data communication, Voice, Video and IM applications provides
for massive improvements to both social and business networking

With many years expertise and VoIP developments and initiatives catering in customized format for clients worldwide, StarTele Logic services combines smart software packages for the clearest video, chat, voice and other additional telecommunications links, all designed to bring about an exceptional communications experience.

Enhanced video call quality and improved user experience

Our mobile VoIP solutions are recognized for the right combination of innovation and customization to provide a problem free calling experience,even on low-bandwidth networks.

A smooth and crystal clear technology

StarTele Logic VoIP apps ensure dynamic yet stable voice and video communication, even on lossy networks.

Making full use of device performance

Devices can be identified, regulated and adapted automatically by touch screen protocols to ensure a clearer and smoother call quality.

Intelligent night visiontech

StarTele Logic's self-developed VoIP technology has in-built intelligent exposure mechanisms and image enhancement for all round better video clarity and sound, even in poor light conditions.

Mobile VoIP solutions from Star Tele Logic provide for optimized voice, data compression, chat and video conversation even in the most complex network environment or hostile settings. We use sophisticated technologies such as desert control, codec stream saving, asymmetrical negotiation, and cloud management, all of which ensure smooth, clear video calls, again, even in the most unstable of network conditions. StarTele Logic offers a complete range of OTT mobile solutions to meet both the internal and external communication requirements of our customers.

StarTele Logic does its homework to truly understand the individual requirements of customers and in turn offers the right applications for the job. This applies also to customizations for white label services to clients, ranging across a variety of option verticals. Start with your VoIP mobility journey today by contacting our team of experts. We're always ready to listen and then resolve your tasks with our broad-based solutions.

Special features of StarTele Logic VoIP tech include

  • The facility to place audio calls via ordinary audio codecs - including G729, G711 and HD G722
  • Top quality auto NAT and STUN-enabled devices for reliable system support
  • Video calls by familiar video codecs including H264
  • Instant messaging
  • Group chat facility
  • HD audio and video calling, WebRTC compatible
  • Audio and video multi-party conferencing
  • Totally secure chat, audio and video communications
  • Push-to-Talk service on all mobile apps

If you're not on the mobility journey yet, get started today by contacting our team of experts.

Be assured that StarTele Logic can provide you with the best app development service available
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