Secure Mobile Payment Solutions

With cyber security very much to the fore today, of the increasing customers switching to mobile payment apps, only the very
stable and secure providers will sustain confidence on trust and service

It's a fact. Timely and coordinated payment schedules enable business growth. Today, flexible mobile payment solutions are able to support these requirements by accelerating transfer of funds, so cutting out risk and lowering transaction costs. Technological applications have become one of the quickest and most convenient ways to collect and disperse funds.

Payment Solutions

Like many others, StarTele Logic identifies that customers want mobile-ready app solutions that allow them to pay bills online, transfer cash in an instant or use different currencies via their phones for international transactions. These developments have made mobile payment a necessary part of any growing business. Standalone mobile applications meant for the convenience of consumers are like never before. But are they trusted and are they safe?

In this age of changing technology, banks are more than ever looking to how to best serve their customers and now practically all banks want them to follow a cashless transition system. So to gain customer reassurance on the matter of personal security, not to mention user-friendliness, banks are consulting with app specialists like StarTele Logic for the best mobile banking app to incorporate a range of features accessed at the touch of the screen but totally secure in the process.

We develop affordable, user friendly, convenient and effortless iPhone and Android apps that are specially tailored to meet the needs of our clients in the banking and financial organizations and indeed those of their end users, the customers. After much research and experimentation on the subject, StarTele Logic offers several best mobile applications development services to the money men, at an affordable cost with the potential for recouped outlay in a short space of time.

Payment solutions from StarTele Logic include...

Effective loyalty initiatives

Mobile features, such as wallet applications, automatic storage of loyalty card information, helping to build new and effective loyalty initiatives, and the sending of promotional notifications to consumers.

Secure mobile apps

StarTeleLogic an industry leader in payment application development, we create reliable and secure mobile payment apps for companies of all sizes.

Apps to simplify transactions

We provide application development services for a wide range of verticals - banks, E-commerce portals and mobile payment solutions.

StarTele Logic develop applications to take care of entire payments cycle, tailor-made to accommodate the client's primary purpose of operation. StarTele Logic specialization lies in engaging video and voice-enabled capabilities that add to the effectiveness of the application. The company has also worked with a number of resellers, developers and merchants to create apps that are quick and secure.

Allow your financial business to expand with an application that guarantees secure payments through smartphone and tablet. For more information, contact our sales team 24/7for banking apps. We'll be waiting for your call.

Mobile payment services

  • Native applications service to improved efficiency
  • Cloud-based payment solutions
  • Agile development approach

Be assured that StarTele Logic can provide you with the best app development service available.
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