We provide Mobile VoIP Solutions which are highly suited to meet objective of the organizations.

Call Patching Development

Call Patching is a process which also goes by the name of “live transfer” or “warm transfer” and basically deals with providing an answering service to their clients for their calls.

Click-To-Call Software Development

Customers generally aim to avail real-time clarification and confirmation when they make important choices, purchases, or decisions. They generally want to speak to someone when they are browsing.

VoIP Billing Software

We at StarTele Logic deal with the development of VoIP billing software which when combined with a telephony engine, provides the AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) for our clients’ company.

Audio/Video Conferencing Development

Communication plays an essential role in the development of one company. Nowadays, more and more corporate companies and organizations are willing to adopt a variety of new technologies in order to produce an effective and efficient communication.

Secure Collaboration Solution Development

With an aim to boost the productivity and avail every available business opportunity, the market is now demanding the introduction of collaboration tools. Secure file sharing and content collaboration play a critical role to determine the user workflows.

Secure Video Calling Solution Development

With the help of WebRTC, you can have the experience of an integrated video call within the context of any web or mobile application. Unlike the other social networking apps which feature video calling, WebRTC is not a separate application, but an extension of the browser.

Softswitch Development

A Softswitch is basically a software and central device which is mainly used in the network of telecommunications and hence helps to join two or more telephone calls which are directed from a single telephone line to the other throughout the global telecommunication network or the public Internet.

WebRTC Development

With the ever evolving technology it is getting all the more difficult to keep pace with the latest web based technologies. All of them are progressing quite fast and hence trying to keep up with the ever evolving competition which is faced regularly in the market.

Why Choose us?

We have managed to build an excellent track record by exceeding the expectations of our clients. This is reflected by the high percentage of repeat and referral clients we have received in the last few years. Mentioned below are some the key factors that have helped us stand apart from hundreds of app developers and IT solutions providers across the globe.

Delivering Business Value:

Providing extraordinary business value to you has always been our foremost priority. We consider customer satisfaction to be the most important measure of our success, and we are always prepared to take the extra step to achieve. Technology solutions developed by StarTele Logic remain relevant for a long time because of our world-class upgrade and support methodology

Customer-first Approach:

Everything we do at StarTele Logic is geared towards maximizing your satisfaction. All our customer-centric services are based on your specific business needs. Instead of cookie cutter deployments, we deliver solutions matching specific objectives that are laid out well in advance. While dealing with us, our clients always have a clear visibility of the process and take part in all critical decisions related to the project.

On-time Delivery:

We pride ourselves in achieving hundred percent on-time delivery of projects, often against daunting circumstances. No matter how challenging your deadlines are, StarTele Logic will always be up to it.

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