Internet of Things (IoT)

Businesses use IoT to lower operating costs, increase productivity and expand into new business
markets or even develop new products offerings - and we can be right there with you

The Internet of Things, simply abbreviated to IoT, involves the connection of everyday electronically operated everyday devices and units at home and elsewhere using the Internet. Those on that list are increasing all the time. They include mobile devices, heating and air-conditioning systems, lights, vehicles, earphones, wearable apparatus, home utility and automation devices - like fans and water pumping units, plus a whole plethora of other devices so familiar and often essential in our modern lives.

The interaction or communication involved is therefore between people-people, people-things (devices) and things (devices)-things (other devices). Each are interconnected via the internet through WiFi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, NFC, plus many other medium, typically via mobile phones connected and communicating with the Internet.

The data gathered via, say, a mobile phone app developed by StarTele Logic about the working and function of these host of devices can be accessed 24/7 - and they can be controlled from anywhere on the planet the user happens to be. through device browser and/or mobile apps. StarTele Logic is at the forefront in the development of powerful software applications available to all hardware brands of mobile phones.

Investment in IoT apps from StarTele Logic creates:

  • New business opportunities
  • Excites customers and attracts new ones
  • Enhancesbusiness efficiency
  • Let devices communication - with you and other devices
  • Technology to reach more targeted users
  • An ability to solve the complex problems and while offering simple solutions
  • Credence value to stay ahead of competitors

StarTele Logic have successfully delivered the IoT solutions to the healthcare industry and associated companies, in retail, finance, manufacturing, industrial and many other sectors. We’ve come to understand the wider possibilities of app communication to IoT devices and continue to evolve best practices in the IoT arena.Today, StarTele Logic has a world top ranking IoT application development squad which delivers IoT solutions and applications that, by turns, is increasing client expansion, creativity and business acumen.

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