Why avail StarTele Logic’s Energy and Power services and solutions?

  • We at StarTele Logic provide effective transformation through the process of technology rationalization, and thus how we enhance the existing business systems while incorporating them together with new technology so as to deliver security, reliability, and energy efficiency.
  • Utilities had been working in the same way for about a century now. It is nothing new that the change had been met with some resistance from within as well as the customer.
  • Government mandates and internal policies are driving Utilities towards digitization and at the retail end of the business this process has begun with the installation of smart meters.
  • Our professional team members develop such power and energy applications and solutions which fare well in the market and earn considerable revenue from the market, thereby helping the individuals and their organizations to earn a place for themselves in the market.

Our rich domain experience which when gets incorporated with the capabilities in technologies such as IoT, Automation and Artificial Intelligence helps the organizations to take a giant leap forward in this transformation journey. Our solutions and services are made in such a way that they properly address the issues faced by stakeholders across the organizational chain. As our customers slowly move from simple cost reduction to business outcomes, we have fast transformed ourselves by engaging in business benefits-led outsourcing programs. The emerging technologies are playing increasingly significant role in distribution system automation and helps in the reformation of the processes in the power sector.

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