Features of E-learning and educational solutions delivered by us

  • StarTele Logic is a leading manufacturer of e-learning and education solutions which are delivered to the computer through the internet or CD-ROM. It can either act as a self-instructor or you can manually make the necessary changes in it. It includes multimedia in the form of streaming videos, audios, texts and accordingly, helps to enhance the knowledge of the user with a view to improve the functioning of the organization. We make it a point to construct these e-learning solutions on a certain flexible architecture which can be easily customized as per needs and requirements of the clients.

What are the advantages of using e-learning and educational solutions?

  • We aim to provide a platform for enhancing the knowledge of the members of the various educational organizations.
  • It helps to track and record the performance of the students.
  • Online examinations are conducted which assign e-certificates to the participants.
  • Enhance the normal interactions occurring among the educational organization and its members.

Our goals and targets

  • We aim at developing such software which would earn a certain revenue from the market and at the same time uphold our motto of keeping “customers first”. We work hard towards providing such e-learning and educational solutions for our customers that are simple to use, are customer friendly and are quite flexible. We value our relationship with our customers and hence we take the extra step to ensure that that they are well satisfied with our services. Our professional teams are trained to perfection and they make it a point deliver the products right on time.

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