Cloud computing

We have all the services you need to build, deploy and run an app in The Cloud Connect to the power of The Cloud from end to end, custom-built applications developed through our expansive and tried and tested capabilities in a range of Cloud Services. Cloud computing from StarTele Logic - completeness in accessibility In public cloud services your applications, storage, and other computing possessions are completely accessible to the world all the way through a service provider.

In public cloud services client applications, their storage, and other computing assets are completely accessible to the rest of the world via a designated service provider. whether for the app developer or vendor, a whole plethora of community cloud areas can be exploited in the best possible way through providers such as Amazon, windows azure or force.

How We Do

Absorbing the app concept

Wireframing, Prototyping and Mockups

The moment we receive a new mobile app development project, we start to get building various wireframes for the app project. Those mockups are presented to the clients for reference. Based on the shortlisted mockups, the final prototype is presented to the client. The app development kicks as soon as the client approves the prototype.

Developing the application

Coding, Interfacing and Debugging

Hundreds of hours of our developers’ time goes into coding. That’s what they do. At times, the code isn’t self sufficient and must be interfaced with a third party service or a hardware component. Not every block of program is perfect and must be debugged a number of times before being integrated into the source code.

Deploying on App Store

Testing, delivery and Support

A team of quality testers and analysts test the app against various quality parameters and using various methodology. This is when we deliver the first demo of the app to the clients. We provide maintenance support and add features as the development progresses. Once the prevailing bugs are fixed and app has all required features, we publish it.

What We Do

When Privacy Matters in The Cloud

Where secret and secure exchange in The Cloud is needed, StarTele Logic customized apps can provide communications functions exclusively for a single organization. The Cloud infrastructure allows for client hosting within it for both highly confidential material and that for purely professional usage via designated cloud platforms for the purpose.

Hybrid cloud

Allows the best of both worlds. Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment which uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party (public cloud) services with is orchestrated between the two platforms. By allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and costs change, hybrid cloud from StarTele Logic gives businesses greater flexibility and more options in data deployment.

Why Work with StarTele Logic on Cloud Computing

Everything we do at StarTele Logic is geared towards maximizing your satisfaction. All our customer-centric services are based on your specific business needs. Instead of cookie cutter deployments, we deliver solutions matching specific objectives that are laid out well in advance. While dealing with us, our clients always have a clear visibility of the process and take part in all critical decisions related to the project.

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