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We create, innovate and produce state-of-the-art customized mobile applications that get people talking.
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Help us Create

At StarTele Logic there are no boundaries to imaginative types. Our corporate environment provides the very best in training and career advancement in the field of mobile applications development. We attentively recognize talent and provide every encouragement for people to stretch themselves and achieve wonderful things.

Help us Innovate

We encourage to our teams to innovate within new technology horizons and work on ideas which will ultimately contribute to extending our product portfolio and services. If you're a good team worker who is not afraid to learn, express yourself, and take satisfaction in seeing a job well done from start to finish, then we'd love to hear from you.

Help us Deliver the Best

We only deliver the best and we have the foresight and courage to come up with top class solutions and services in mobile app development. Our customers are the reason why we are in business, and our maxim is to serve our customers to the best of our abilities.

Calling all Passionate Technologists..

You set your own standards and you strive to meet them within a stimulating environment. At Star Tele Logic we firmly believe that each and every team member is an asset, and we appreciate that only the best people can help make a company the very best.

At StarTele Logic we pride ourselves in providing impeccable services to clients and we require technologists who are diligent about their work - creative type who are also given to detail and are able to develop the right work ethic and strategies to bring this about. We keep seeking those who can understand problems and interpret them swiftly & intelligently to deliver the right solutions in line with the business requirement.

What is your waiting for?

If you think you can rise to the challenge and want to apply for a position at StarTele Logic, please send us your updated profile details in the form of a résumé and cover letter stating why you'd like to work for StarTele Logic. A member of our training and development team will contact if you come across as a potential candidate or once we have a position available that matches your profile.

For all general enquiries about career prospects at StarTele Logic and information on current vacancies, please contact us at

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