Case Study


Boooz has a huge selection of restaurants, events across India that helps you find the best place to dine out and chill out. Through this application, you can reserve your table nearby or anywhere. You can invite your friends and chat with them, manage notifications, and after the party you can also book the party driver
through this app.

The Challenge

The architecture required orders to be sorted on the real-time database and server before being marked ‘confirmed’. This app involved massive volumes of data based on the huge number of restaurants in the area as well as distinct keyword-driven data types to make it easy for diners to find precisely what they wanted. The system also needed to include a built-in reservation system and a navigation utility for mobile users to reach their destinations.

The Solution

Our team has created a database in MySQL with the help
of Eloquent ORM and functionality for the admin to create and
manage the account for the restaurant owners. We have
implemented an advanced search functionality through which
the user can view the details of the restaurant and book the
table from anywhere. Each place is presented in the app that
includes photos, a brief description, call option, map,
and their offers.

Top Features of Boooz:

  • Table Reservation

  • Party Driver

  • Chat with Friend

  • Group Chat
  • Digital Tools & Technology